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AngPana for Jungle  Enlarge US$ 94.99  Enlarge
Chitlange the Savior  Enlarge US$ 124.99  Enlarge
3 Chirra (the Beast)  Enlarge US$ 99.99  Enlarge



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"Note From MD"

KHHI, Nepal

Company Profile

  • The Official khukri supplier to the British Gurkha Army since 1993
  • Company owned and run by ex-Gurkha army veterans
  • Nepal's first and the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of genuine khukuris since 1991
  • Existence and experience over 22 years with worldwide recognition
  • Made by “Bishwakarmas” (Born Khukuri Makers) using the best quality materials in a very traditional way with conventional tools
  • The widest and wildest range of varieties at very reasonable prices with cheapest shipping backed up by a guaranteed online payment system
    The Khukurians
  • Established to uplifting the standard and saving the status of the Khukri, Kamis and the age old craftsmanship of Nepal that was and still is in direstrait
  • The only company having Expert Research Team to research deep into the origin, history, profile, progression, specialty of the KUKRI

Brief Intro::

Khukuri Knife

A mid-length curved knife comprising a distinctive "Cho" that is the national knife and icon of Nepal, basic and traditional utility knife of Nepalese, a formidable and effective weapon of the Gurkhas and an exquisite piece of local craftsmanship that symbolizes pride and valor which also represents the country and it’s culture. Believed to have existed 2500 years ago; "Kopi" is the probable source of the Khukuri that was used by Greek in the 4 th BC. However, khukuri came into limelight only in and particularly after the Nepal War in 1814-15 after the formation of British Gurkha Army. Basically carried in a leather case, mostly having walnut wooden grip and traditionally having two small knives, it is one of the most famous and feared knives of the world.


Geographically located in the south-east Asia between India and China, Nepal, a Hindu country with a population of more than 28 millions is actually believed to have existed for...


About 120km west of Kathmandu, Gorkha is a small mid western district in Nepal in todays context but with immense historic significance with a population of more than 3 million...


Title taken from Gorkha, also known as Gorkhali. People from Gorkha, especially army and soldiers from this place with whose strength king Prithivi Narayan Shah united Nepal in ...

British Gurkhas

As they were later known after the Treaty of Saugali in 1815. Gorkhas and British East India Company fought against each other during their military campaigns out of which ...

Khukuri House Handicraft Industry, Nepal

KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY is actually renaming of KH done to recognize its improvement and growth. KHHI is registered under Industry Business Act 2049, section 3 (ka) and under the same Act, Article 4 and 5 in Section 10, KHHI is registered as Small Cottage Industry of Nepalese Government having its registration number as 6026/299/064/065. KHHI was registered under the above Acts on the 24th February 2008. Furthermore, KHHI is also a member of Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal and has been active since April 28, 2008. The company is given official industry number and stands as "Industry No. 101" amongst other 120 plus production industries.

Featured Products


SUK (Supporting Utility Knife)

  • Would come very handy and be more effective in accomplishing small but important tasks needed to survive, sustain and save..

  • Price : US$ 14.99
  • Blade Size : 3 Inch
  • Weight :35 Grams

Regular Scabbard (Xtra case for ur kukri)

  • An extra scabbard comes very handy to continue and sustain the assignment..

  • Price : US$ 24.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :250 Grams

Wooden Kukri (Replica)

  • <div align="justify">Can be used as a key instrument in martial art and other trainings that involves holding of a weapon and its maneuvers..</div>

  • Price : US$ 37.99
  • Blade Size : 11 Inch
  • Weight :175 Grams

Protective Codura Pouch

  • <div align="justify">Very handy and useful when you plan to travel with your kukri..</div>

  • Price : US$ 9.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :75 Grams


ChainPure (Domestic)

  • ChainPures go for a slimmer and lighter version rather than the heavy type, as using and carrying works better and easier with it..

  • Price : US$ 49.99
  • Blade Size : 10 Inch
  • Weight :450 Grams

SiruPate 15" (Famous)

  • The effortless yet effective SiruPate 15" would be a great knife to pick up from when longer yet lighter functional knife is wanted..

  • Price : US$ 89.99
  • Blade Size : 15 Inch
  • Weight :750 Grams

Chitlange the Savior

  • Built as a basic and necessary survival cutting tool for out in the jungle and its harshness..

  • Price : US$ 124.99
  • Blade Size : 15 Inch
  • Weight :850 Grams

SiruPate Slim UNP (Handy)

  • A SiruPate or a slimmer version that is unpolished, made of rough use..

  • Price : US$ 47.99
  • Blade Size : 10 Inch
  • Weight :435 Grams