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We declare all khukuri/s as "Souvenirs from Nepal” or “Traditional Handicrafts from Nepal” under internationally recognized GSP code provided to KHHI by the Nepalese Govt. We also make all the required documentations and favorable billings so that clearance and collection can be swiftly done at the customer's end. However if the importing laws of a country requires permit and others (as every country has their own laws and we have to get abide by it) then our shipper in the destination country will notify the buyer to fulfilling the legal steps needed to clear the order from the customs. After releasing it will be delivered at the home/office location of the buyer (the final destination) by the shipper.

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Featured Products

Traditional_Panawal (FFT)

12" SiruPana (Sassy)

  • <div align="justify">A khukri made for play and display; one that can be used hard and can also be exhibited at the same time.. <br></div>

  • Price : US$ 79.99
  • Blade Size : 12 Inch
  • Weight :610 Grams

Panawal Special (McCoy)

  • This 11" long semi-polished blade will go through almost any objects with ease and maximum impact..

  • Price : US$ 74.99
  • Blade Size : 11 Inch
  • Weight :720 Grams

12" Survival Kukri (Alive)

  • <div align="justify">A must for adventure seekers, nature explorers, wild surfers and die hard collectors..</div>

  • Price : US$ 94.99
  • Blade Size : 12 Inch
  • Weight :800 Grams

Mini Panawal (Perfect)

  • The heaviest of all mini versions; built for long heavy stressful work; for those who prefer mini sized kukri to larger ones for hefty work..

  • Price : US$ 59.99
  • Blade Size : 8 Inch
  • Weight :550 Grams


Step Stand

  • <p>Two wooden bases are used with the smaller on top; a shiny pitch black color is used to give a classic and striking look..</p>

  • Price : US$ 19.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :700 Grams

Oval Stand

  • The shape of the wooden base/platform is given an oval shape hence called as the oval stand..

  • Price : US$ 14.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :400 Grams

Vertical Stand

  • A new and unique way to display a kukri in an upright position that is made possible by KHs vertical wooden stand unlike any other displayers..

  • Price : US$ 17.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :400 Grams

Tree Branch Stand

  • Khukuri House invents a new style that is beautiful and complete in itself, cost effective, light and very easy to pack..

  • Price : US$ 12.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :250 Grams