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I have received the 2 kukris I ordered and my cousin and I love them they are better than expected thank you all...

- Zachary Fry
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We declare all khukuri/s as "Souvenirs from Nepal” or “Traditional Handicrafts from Nepal” under internationally recognized GSP code provided to KHHI by the Nepalese Govt. We also make all the required documentations and favorable billings so that clearance and collection can be swiftly done at the customer's end. However if the importing laws of a country requires permit and others (as every country has their own laws and we have to get abide by it) then our shipper in the destination country will notify the buyer to fulfilling the legal steps needed to clear the order from the customs. After releasing it will be delivered at the home/office location of the buyer (the final destination) by the shipper.

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Featured Products


Gurkha Hat (Pride)

  • A part of dress that Gurkhas have made their own for centuries..

  • Price : US$ 74.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :450 Grams

RGR Wooden Plaque

  • One of the latest additions by KHHI to enhance the Gurkhali items..

  • Price : US$ 34.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :200 Grams

Gurkha Special Package

  • A collection of the most famous Gurkha items at its best..

  • Price : US$ 99.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :350 Grams

The Divine Buddha Frame (Enlighten)

  • <div align="justify">This artistic and amazing work of art that depicts all the major and famous episodes, from the Lord Buddha’s tour as king Siddartha and to realizing the divine power of salvation..</div>

  • Price : US$ 424.99 499.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :8000 Grams

SILVER Kukris/Items

Cross Kukri Silver Badge

  • KHHI brings this badge as one of the finest collection and creation of “Gurkha Items”..

  • Price : US$ 37.99
  • Blade Size : 0 Inch
  • Weight :10 Grams

KOTHIMORA White (Peace)

  • White/cream color theme to represent the charismatic power of white as a peace, love and friendship messenger and thus carries the name..

  • Price : US$ 169.99
  • Blade Size : 10 Inch
  • Weight :525 Grams

Kothimora 8" (Worthy)

  • Means khukuri knife having silver scabbard; a khukuri that has a special place and value in Nepalese culture and society..<br>

  • Price : US$ 139.99
  • Blade Size : 8 Inch
  • Weight :325 Grams

Regimental Kothimora (Honor)

  • The Gurkha custom of giving the Kothimora to a retiring officer has come a long way since the early 19th century and still lives on..

  • Price : US$ 199.99
  • Blade Size : 10 Inch
  • Weight :550 Grams