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Even if it is not our first KH's knife, we are still very impressed by the quality of your kukris..
- Ana et Sylvain
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Biltong Special (Conceal Kukri) Tell Your Friend »

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The advanced version of the regular Biltong - a mini utility cum hacking knife with special and superior handle (Panawal) designated for strength and power works..

PRICE   US$ 49.99
BLADE SIZE   5 inches apporx.
THICKNESS   5 mm approx.
ORIGIN   KHHI (realeased on 24th March 2015)***
CATEGORY   New Releases (Celebrities)
Blade Finishing Mirror Polish

A mini utility cum hacking kukri knife having a more special and superior “Panawal handle” (Full Flat Tang with Rivets) executed for a stronger and lasting grip that is built for heavy duty works..

“Biltong Special” is the advanced version of the regular “Biltong” crafted to fill in the vacancy for a mini utility cum hacking kukri knife that has a more special and superior handle (Panawal) designated for strength and power works. It has been made by KHHI on popular demand by its customers to make something small yet useful with an advanced type of handle to boost KHHI’s small series. Followings are the reasons why it is so much on demand (why you must buy the Biltong Special??)

But before that it is important to know why the term “Biltong” is used for this khukuri.

The name of this knife is actually the imitation of the South African native knife used for cutting dry meat. This interesting and appealing name is in fact the courtesy of one of the main importers of South Africa who used to buy from KHHI long time back. The gentleman saw the potential of the Biltong kukri as a better and cheaper means of cutting dry meat so he started ordering in massive quantity and promoted the knife in his country as the “Biltong Kukri”. Hence the name originated that exists till date.

- 5 inch bladed (World War version) heavier and thicker blade for more efficiency and thus greater result
- Peak less blade for swifter draw in and out
- Decorated (Brass inlay Pattern) blade for good look
- Highly/mirror polished blade to prevent rusting
- Small sized yet a good hacking knife as it has substantial in-built weight within
- Superior Panawal buffalo HORN handle for durability and heavy works
- A new ALL leather sheath is adapted - simple leather sheath however very well done, durable and attractive at the same time. Made to carry the knife in a belt (waist) or in chest area like a conceal weapon
- Big enough Belt Frog to hang from waist (belt), like in the big models
- A perfect gift for knife collectors and enthusiasts

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