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Please disregard my pervious message. Just 2 hours after sending it, the knife arrived. I must say that I am very satisfied with the blade, and that it meets all my expectations....
- Robert Worrell
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Gurkha Knives (Standard Issue)

A collection of famous, fearsome, faithful and functional standard issue Gurkha Army (Gurkhas) Knives that pave its way to victory and glory encrypting its name into the history book forever, forging the “Gurkhas” as one of the most formidable soldiers of the modern era. An excellent and exclusive display of original Gurkha Kukri Knives right from the early 20th century till date.Training to Combat, Regular to Ceremonial, Historic to Contemporary, all these worthy khukuris played a very significant role to creating legend and cementing the legendary Gurkhas.

The Great Indian Mutiny in 1857 AD brought the British and Gurkhas closer than never before. Thereafter proper and standard military uniforms, gears and equipments were issued to each Gurkha Soldier as they were changed/upgraded to regular national army from so called local or back up army. The legacy of the standard Gurkha knife initiated from this century and has lived up to this date with pride, honor and dignity.

From the formation of 1st Gurkha unit in 1814 to the Great Indian Mutiny in 1857 to the Great War in 1914-18 to 2nd world war in 1944-45 to Borneo Confrontation in 1962-66 to Falklands war in 1982 to this day Gurkhas have been issued with a number of outstanding khukuris. This exclusive category is prepared by extensive research by Saroj Lama Tamang, proprietor of KHHI, for the world to know about the gradual progression, alteration and variation of the standard issue khukuris of the Gurkhas.By reading each khukuri under this category one would know about a particular issue, its features and background and know how the Gurkha Knives altered with thechanging time and circumstances.

2012 Standard Issue (Gurkha Knives)

  • Price : US$ 114.99
  • Blade Size: 10.25 Inches
  • Weight: 615 Grams

Both Gurkha Knives are original and made by KHHI for the official "Recruit Intake 2012" of the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army..

GI2 (Gurkha Issue 2nd)

  • Price : US$ 84.99
  • Blade Size: 15 Inches
  • Weight: 920 Grams

GI2; for hardcore Gurkha fans and for serious kukri collector, it would also not disappoint a harsh kukri user..

GI3 (Gurkha Issue 3rd)

  • Price : US$ 94.99
  • Blade Size: 13 Inches
  • Weight: 930 Grams

KHHI pays its tribute and reproduces this original war kukri for kukri fanatics..

GI4 (Gurkha Issue 4th)

  • Price : US$ 94.99
  • Blade Size: 13 Inches
  • Weight: 900 Grams

Most popular world war kukri reproduced by KHHI to sustain its amazing legacy..

GI5 (Gurkha Issue 5th)

  • Price : US$ 46.99
  • Blade Size: 10 Inches
  • Weight: 570 Grams

The longest surviving issue kukri whose reign ran across for almost 3 decades from early 1960's to late 1980's..

Jungle (Training Knife)

  • Price : US$ 46.99
  • Blade Size: 10.5 Inches
  • Weight: 570 Grams

Because of its typical look, special feature and very close association with the legendary Gurkhas it is one of the best sellers of all times..

Khaki Issue (20th Century)

  • Price : US$ 69.99
  • Blade Size: 12 Inches
  • Weight: 615 Grams

In the early and mid years of 20th century Gurkhas were also issued with this type..

Service Ceremonial (Dress Knife)

  • Price : US$ 54.99
  • Blade Size: 10.5 Inches
  • Weight: 550 Grams

It is this modern day kukri that stupendously distinct a Gurkha from others and has become an integral part of a Gurkha's official uniform..

Service No.1 (Sarkhari Khukuri)

  • Price : US$ 49.99
  • Blade Size: 10.5 Inches
  • Weight: 550 Grams

The most famous of all because its a modern day issue with very close ties with Gurkhas militarily and emotionally, iconic fate to represent the Gurkhas and above all Gurkhas irrefutable faith and an acute bond to the this incredible Khukuri..

World War (Historic)

  • Price : US$ 49.99
  • Blade Size: 11 Inches
  • Weight: 625 Grams

One of the many khukris used by Gurkhas that famed them into glory and victory..

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