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Kukri Knives in Movies

Kukri Knives in Movies

Kukri knife became the synonym of survival as it is usually used when travelling in the wild. Really, it is hard to imagine a situation in the everyday city life when one may need such an unusual tool. However, when it comes to Hollywood movies, you can notice that kukri knives are showed to be used as weapon. Basically, these traditional Nepalese knives are used as everyday utility tools, but can play a role of weapon as well, so such interpretation is grounded. And below is the list of movies where you could see the kukri knife.

Resident Evil

This famous movie, based on the game released in the middle of 2000s, became one of the most popular zombie slashers, and millions of people were watching Alice (Milla Jovovich) fighting zombies and Umbrella corporation using kukri knives and other weaponry.

The kukri knives (usually two knives at the same time) are used rather often in this movie as it is the best weapon against zombies when it comes to the close combat. So if you want to get ready to the zombie apocalypse purchasing kukri knife should be included to the checklist.

Major Pain

You have likely seen this movie several times – it is a story about the major that was hired as a tutor for a group of teenagers. Throughout the movie he is trying to teach them how to act but as a result they teach him kindness and mutual understanding; eventually the major and teenagers become friends.

In this movie, the kukri knife was used as a decorative element to complete the major Pain’s image. We see it only in one scene, when he flips the pages of the book with the kukri knife.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

One of the most successful movies about Dracula was released in 1992. We can see the kukri knife there used by Van Helsing, who was the main monster slayer, for chopping the monsters’ heads off. So, basically, the knife was again used as a weapon.

Big Trouble in Little China

The kukri knife is used only once here, in a scene that lasted less than a minute. It was a fight between two groups in the beginning of the movie, and when the majority of fighters has came with no weapons, one fighter has taken a kukri knife with him. The kukri knife has been shown as a weapon again.


As you can see, in the movies the kukri knife is most often used as a weapon. However, usually it is used as a tool necessary for survival in the jungle; it also rather handy for everyday usage due to its curvy lines making it easy and comfortable to handle. Perhaps one of the reasons for showing the kukri knife as a weapon only is based on its exotic form and origin. And indeed, the kukri knife can really look dangerous and be dangerous, especially if used by a good fighter.