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I just received the last two knives I ordered. They are awesome. Thank you for your incredible product...........
- Alberto Grandos
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:: VCs visit the Khukuri House ::

The maiden visit of VCs (Agan Singh Rai, Lacchiman Gurung and Ram Bahadur Limbu) to Khukuri House Handicraft Industry in May 1997 was a big boost to the company. The visit was one of the major events in a decade of business. Khukuris were thoroughly inspected and admired by the war heroes and further recommended to be of the best quality. KHHI also sponsored a lunch program to honor the VCs. They were presented khukuris as a token of gifts from the owner. The event was a big success and KHHI will always remain grateful to the war heroes for their visit and priceless contribution to fame the Gurkhas, Nepalese and Nepal as a whole.

Proprietor Ex-10GR Lalit Kumar Lama, VC Lachhiman Gurung, VC Agansing Rai & VC Ram Bahadur Limbu at Khukuri House, May 1997

VC Ram Bahadur Limbu admiring Kukri     VCs prior to lunch hosted by Khukuri House
made by Khukuri House