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How to Get Money to Buy a Kukri Knife

How to Get Money to Buy a Kukri Knife

The Kukri (Khukri, Kukuri) – a brilliant work of Nepalese craftsmen. It was in Nepal that this knife was first created. This is one of the oldest types of cold steel that have survived to this day, practically unchanged. The kukri is included in the set of weapons of the invincible Gurkhas and was used in close combat, and also replaced the machete, sapper blade, knife, etc. Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House is the finest and largest maker of traditional and modern kukri in the world today.

Uniqueness of Kukri

The kukri blade has the shape of a wing of a falcon with a sharpening on the inside. Its blade has a variable angle of sharpening. Thanks to this,it  is ideally suited for cutting, chopping and piercing strokes. In addition, the blade also has hardening zone. And at the butt, the blade is softer than the edge of the blade.

Kukri is a knife of unsurpassed fighting qualities. There are cases when tribes of Nepalese Gurkha, armed exclusively with kukri, in their own way turned into an enemy armed with firearms.

Despite the fact that this is a big and heavy knife, they can perform even finer work than cutting a brushwood or clearing a place. For example, it perfectly copes with slicing salad or with the fillet of fish. And Nepalese cooks, with this knife in the kitchen, do just miracles. Quite often kukri knives are used when shooting militants and in computer games, since this knife looks on the screen very brightly and beautifully.

Good Souvenir and Kitchen Assistant

The kukri (khukuri) – a traditional Nepalese gun and weapons. These exotic knives are armed with simple Nepalese peasants and elite units of British Gurkhas and even some professional hunters for zombies. After them, kukri is used by inboard tourists. Therefore, if you are going to tour Nepal, be sure to buy such a knife-ax: if not for personal use, then as a souvenir for friends.

I would like to have such a knife in my kitchen very much since I am keen on preparing exotic dishes. Moreover I would like to master art of slicing fish fillet as a perfect chef. The problem is now I have limited budget because I need to pay mortgage  and utilities bills. I consider an option of taking a loan in the bank or borrow necessary amount from my friends. It is always sad when you have no extra money for the thing you dream about. But there are many ways to cope with this problem. And I believe that one day my relatives and friends will enjoy very delicious dishes with ingredients sliced by Kukri knife.

Present for a Real Man

Buy kukri for yourself and you will never regret the money spent! Present kukri to any man, and he will be infinitely grateful to you!