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I received my khukuri knife today, thanks a million!

- Tim Wood
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"Note From MD"

KHHI, Nepal
Dear Apekcha

I just want to inform you that I have received my products.
Very skilled craftsmanship.. I am very impressed.
I will definitely use your services again..
Give my regards and thanks to all involved


Hi just to let you know my custom kukri arived today and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it
many thanks Darren Dicks

Dear Kukri House

Today I received my mukti and custom bowie you made for me. To say I'm happy would be an understatement, I'm so impressed with my custom bowie I'll be ordering again very soon. My 'Mukti' is also beautiful. I would like to thank you for your service and product as both have been excellent. I now have a 3 chirra beast, a mukti and my bowie. Tell whoever made my bowie he has done an EXCELLENT job and I would like to thank him personally.

yours sincerely

Andrew Lynn


Hi Ms Apekcha,

Received the 3 Khukuri in good condition. The tracking service offered by DHL is really fantastic.I really like all the 3 knives, particularly the carvings of the dragon on the blade with the  brass handle. The intricate crafting of the dragon  makes it a piece of valuable art.

Thank you very much.
With regards,

Rocky Hernandez

Just got it, I Love it.. Thank u so much, I'm very

Rocky Hernandez

Dear Apekcha

I received the order, my knife is in my house. The khukuri house was much helpful. I am satisfied with my product.

Thanks for all.
Felipe Lima

Mr. Rai:
I received my World War replica khukri yesterday and wanted to write to tell you how well pleased I am with the knife.  The workmanship is excellent; please express my satisfaction to the knife smiths and others of the company.  I plan to carry the knife when hunting wild boar in Southern Louisiana.  Hopefully, it won't come down to have to use the khukri for self defense against a wild pig, but if it happens, I think this the knife to have.
Again, thank you for a fine knife.

Larry Kirschner  

Dear Ms. Pradhan,

Thank you. The parcel with the khukuri arrived this afternoon very smoothly.

Best wishes

Dear Apeckha,

Finally after 2 days in customs my 8" savior got to me :) Good craftsmanship, good grip, excellent balance, exactly what I was looking for. Also nice scabbard, actually nicer than expected. The only small advice I'd give: when shipped please put a simple cooking oil or some non smelling grease. The transmission oil that your guys oiled the knife is rather unpleasant. Thanks for the khukri,is going to be put to work!

All the best,

Hi Saroj,  
I received may custom kukri a few days ago, and it is an absolutely gorgeous blade. This is the best knife I've ever owned, and the best I'll probably ever own. You and your fellow craftsmen really know what you're doing!  I'll be on the lookout for updates on your ParaCord model, as I'm curious to see what type of sheath you'll make for it.

Have a good new year,

Dear Saroj,

The khukuri arrived quickly yesterday and I find this knife to be extremely well made. The edge is perfectly straight and the temper is most excellent. After burnishing the edge to be sharp enough to shave hair on my arm, I gave some harsh tests to the khukuri. After chopping through several euclayptus limbs (the wood is known to be hard and tough), the edge remains hair shaving sharp. The tempering really shines when I cleave through a few mature coconuts with the edge remaining unaffected and still shaving sharp! I dare say that this khukuri is of superior grade. There is another khukuri company called Tora khukuri who many claims to produce superior khukuri compared to his competitors. While Tora's khukuri does have better blance, the tempering is of great disappointment. Tora's khukuri did not stand up to the coconut test whith its edges woefully dented, and Tora charges significantly more for their products. KHHI really does delievers! For this, KHHI has my greatest thanks and thorough reccomendation. Best commercial bladesmiths anywhere!

Best regards,
Perth, Western Australia

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